About Us

Here at Azido Group Web Design, we pride ourselves on offering a tailored service to meet the needs of your company. Building each of our websites from the ground up, we provide an array of options that help us to create a bespoke package for every one of our valued clients.

Equality is also one of our team’s top priorities. For this reason, we cater to the website-related needs of large-scale and small-scale businesses with an equal degree of passion, dedication, hard work, and attention to detail, to ensure your pleasure and satisfaction while working with us.

Azido Technology specialises in designing, developing and supporting effective, affordable professional web sites for all types of businesses. We are based in the UK and are able to assist clients worldwide. We build websites to suit any purpose or budget.

Without doubt the Internet is the easiest and most efficient way for any business to take orders, provide information, answer queries and generate new customers. Our aim is to give complete satisfaction to our clients by providing them with a professionally designed creation. Azido Technology gives companies the confidence and satisfaction they need not only in sites that meet their needs but sites that can be updated as the company grows.

Our Mission

We have a history of creating online success for organizations with a full range of services. We help define your goals, create effective strategies, build easy to use websites and design award-winning creative that communicates your messages.

Our Vision

We aim to keep web page design professional, clear and crisp, easy to navigate and quick to download. It is the appeal that captures the browser’s attention and it is the content and functionality that keeps the attention. A good website design reinforces your message and delivers it with higher impact.

Why choose us?

We don’t charge ridiculously high prices – we give you exactly what you want. Our web design services are perfect for small to medium businesses who do not want to waste thousands of pounds on getting their website designed. We’ve got what you want, for a fraction of what you would be charged elsewhere. Find out how we can help you to achieve a site of your own and indeed how you can join the growing list of clients who have experienced the benefits of our services.


our website can be used to provide useful information about your products and services. Save money on printing by advertising on your website.


Information about your company, contact details, business hours, the latest news, services, portfolios, special deals and upcoming sales etc.


You can put your website address in your off-line advertising, then say more on your website than you could ever afford to say in your newspaper or magazine advertisement.

How do I get a website?

The three things you need to get a website up and running are:

A domain name for your website (an address) so that people can find your site: Your domain name is an important part of the website. This name needs to be registered and set up so that anyone typing it in gets directed to your website.

Web pages: This is where Szido Technology comes in. A web designer transforms your ideas, written script and graphics into a page the computer understands.

You need an ISP (Internet Service Provider) to ‘host’ your webpages: Azido Technology charges for this starting from just £10 per month. We can help you decide which ISP and plan would be best for you and facilitate the whole process.